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Latest News

1st April 2012

Charles Cook blogs about Implementing an XML-RPC Service with ASP.NET MVC.

12th March 2012

A new snapshot of release 3.0.0 now available here.

29th August 2011

A new snapshot of release 3.0.0 now available here.

15th May 2011

The release 3.0.0 development snapshot of XML-RPC.NET is now available on NuGet as two packages:

NuGet doesn't support pre-release packages so the dev snapshot is displayed in the Visual Studio "Add Library Package Reference", not the recommended 2.5.0 release. Charles Cook has blogged about a workaround for this Installing Current Release of XML-RPC.NET from NuGet .

17th April 2011

Snapshot of release 3.0.0 now available here.

18th March 2011

Charles Cook blogs some sample code for accessing the Internet UPC Database.

12th January 2011

XML-RPC.NET is now available via NuGet. Charles Cook blogs about this here.

1st August 2010

Scott Hanselman blogs about using XML-RPC.NET to implement a local server that exposes the MetaWeblog API: NotABlog: A Local XML-RPC MetaWebLog Endpoint That Lies To Windows Live Writer